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So this video is a warning from me to you. Many people are very excited for the Blackberry messenger app for Android and iOS, so hackers are using this advantage to hack into android phones and accessing all the private information including your credit card details and pictures! They make apps that have malware in it, and then upload it to marketplaces and the internet. So, once you download the app and open it, you will be a victim.

Please share this video, it is very important for everyone to know about this app. It is obviously not from Blackberry because they didn’t announce the app on their website.

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Webroot Threat Blog - Internet Security Threat Updates from Around the World

By Dancho Danchev

Need a compelling reason to perform search engine reconnaissance on your website, for the purpose of securing it against eventual compromise? We’re about to give you a good one.

A new version of a well known mass website hacking tool has been recently released, empowering virtually anyone who buys it with the capability to efficiently build “hit lists” of remotely exploitable websites for the purpose of abusing them in a malicious or fraudulent fashion. Relying on Google Dorks for performing search engine reconnaissance, the tool has built-in SQL injecting options, the ability to add custom exploits, a proxy aggregation function so that no CAPTCHA challenge is ever displayed to the attacker, and other related features currently under development.

More details:

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