Intel i7 4770K Gets Overclocked To 7GHz, Required 2.56v


Intel’s Haswell processors are just around the corner, expected to be here within the next month, and as a result the professional overclockers are ramping up efforts to break those world records before the Core i7 4770K is even released. Samples of the Core i7 4770K have been in circulation for quite some time now and overclocker “rtiueuiurei” has managed to take an Engineering Sample (ES) version of the Intel Core i7 4770K to 7GHz – an impressive feat as we didn’t really see Ivy Bridge go much higher than that after overclockers had been playing with it for over a year.

According to the CPU-Z validation this 7012.65 MHz was achieved with a base clock of 91.07MHz, multiplier of 77 and a huge 2.56v core voltage. It is quite possible that 2.56 volts is a misread by CPU-Z as overclockers have already pushed Haswell to 6.2GHz with 1.216v. Either way with such a high clock speed and voltage it is no doubt that liquid nitrogen cooling was used to achieved this. Windows XP, an Nvidia 8400 GS and 2GB of G Skill DDR3 RAM finish off the rest of the test system.

An impressive achievement indeed, expect results to emerge on HWBot when the NDA for Haswell lifts in the first week of June. What are your thoughts on the Core i7 4770K reaching 7GHz?



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